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introSewing Organizer

This is a great organizer for any tailor/seamstress and also it's kind of an art on the wall. I can never find in the craft stores the perfect spools holder so I decided to create a little something for any busy tailor/seamstress. You can hang the board anywhere in the room and it keeps everything in place, organized. You don't have to waste time looking around, It's right there!!!
Makes life easier.
Sewing Organizer

step 1Materials
2 Masonite pegboards 48 L X 24 W: Upholstery material- 51 L X 27 W , plus another �pockets and pin cushion: Batting -48L X 24W: Sewing machine, scissors, thread, iron, pins, pliers, staple gun, 12 long wire, 1 yard ribbon Bolts- 3- 1" length: 42-8-32~3 14 zinc fender washer-3/16 ~ 1 s-1/8~1 nuts

step 2first step
The first thing you do is put both pegboards together matching the holes. Then measure about 4" from the top. Take two 1" bolts, two nuts and wire 12" long; Screw the bolts in about 9 apart from the middle center and tight around the both ends of the wire. So now you are done with the part where you are going to hang the board; Next thing you do is use that 1/2 yard …

step 3Second step
Next place the materials with sewn pockets at the bottom side of the pegboards, and the batting in between. Measure 5" down from the top middle: make a little hole with scissors and place a 1" nut and secure it with a bolt in the back side: here you can hang a clock (in this case, also possible a calendar, monthly planner, painting) Next step is to start putting bolts …

step 4Final step
You are almost done! Now you have all the bolts on, check the back of the board and make sure the bolts are tight. Fold the extra material on the back, grab the staple gun, and start stapling the material on the back; make sure you fold the corners tight; look at the front and check the material if its tight enough And there you are! Start putting your thread spoo…

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