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I wanted to turn it into an area that was more 'multi-functional', when space is at a premium in your home you need to get resourceful and create "multi zone" spaces. So I wanted to make it a room where her guests could stay, but also create a cozy nook where Emily could relax, listen to music, work on her laptop etc.

I was going for a calm, inviting space so I started thinking about how to create a "feature wall" in the space. Since the room didn't really need to be painted, I thought it would be interesting to use something that could be removable but also add some visual interest.

Wall treatment:

What I came up with is easy to do, it's affordable and it's removable! I think I finally found something I can use as "removable wallpaper"! Which is great for renters, or anyone who doesn't want to commit to the application and removal process of wallpapering.

I ended up using a vinyl, removable, contact paper (normally used for lining kitchen shelves). It comes in a 12" width on a 10' roll that is $2.99/roll (it also comes in a wider width, but for walls I prefer the 12" width). I also recommend the vinyl for walls, and not the one that has the sticky backing. I was worried the sticky back paper wouldn't easily be removed from the walls and could take down the drywall.

You can use the vinyl contact paper in three ways:

1 - like I did with a white wall. Cut the vinyl to fit your wall height and paint the stripes a contrasting colour
2 - paint the wall a colour before hand and apply the
vinyl strips in white
3 - apply the white vinyl to a white wall and then paint the wall any contrasting colour
you want. This would be a permanent stripe painted on your wall but this is
easier to hang than strips of painters tape to create the grid.

Process for wall treatment:

I started by measuring the width of the room and figured out the centre point of the wall. Since the strips were 12" wide I marked it all out on graph paper before I started to make sure the stripes were centered in the room. I made the white stripes 12" as well, so it was very easy to figure out how much white space to leave on each side of the room. The next step was to measure the vertical height of the wall. Cut your strips off (use a little more than you need), an extra couple inches. Lay out the strips on a drop cloth and paint it with melamine paint (the colour I used was a match to farrow and ball pavilion gray).

Let it dry well. You will likely need to do a second coat of paint, but if not, you are ready to apply to the wall.

When it was fully dry I applied it to the wall I used a light coat of spray glue and a plastic drywall scraper to get any air bubbles out. Don't use too much glue or else it might not easily remove from the wall. The vinyl might bubble up a bit with the glue, but for the most part it drys out fairly flat. This isn't a perfect application, so if you are looking for a perfect wallpaper, then you should invest your time and money in wallpaper.

I'd also really recommend people use this in the second way I mentioned, which is just use it as a white stripe on an already painted/colour wall.

Portable bed/sofa:

This is possibly my favourite project of all times. As you saw, I found an old skid/pallet and then painted it white, screwed on 4 large wheels to create the base. I used Emily's old futon mattress, and altered it (cut it up) to fit the exact size of the base. If you didn't have a mattress, you could use 4-6 inch thick foam and double it up to make it comfortable and cut it to size. I covered the base with a white sheet and basically had an amazingly comfortable, portable bed or sofa. With the large cushions across the back it's really cozy and comfy! This rolling bed/sofa worked great in Emily's because it was long and thin. This would be great in your spare room, basement, cottage etc., anywhere you want to add some extra seating and/or beds. You could put two together in a corner to create a sectional and then have two separate beds or bind them together with cords to make it a double.

I also added a new blind (white) that softens the light in the room. And a new light fixture that is the same soft grey as the wall colour. The antlers were really the perfect grey to go with the stripes on the wall, it can be hard to hang artwork on stripes so this was the perfect look for that wall.


Big back pillows: I used an inexpensive grey utility blanket to make pillows (and used as a throw). These pillows were so easy to make because the blankets were easy to cut and didn't fray. Emily had tons of pillow inserts, so I just cut up the blankets to size and basically customized them for the pillows she had. I used dark grey wool and a blanket stitch to hand sew them. I used the white stripe as an accent in the layout, so the stripes were centered on one side and the other side was dark grey.

White pillows: decorated in pattern with a light grey fabric marker, I put the outside tape on and then hand drew in the middle.

Lamps: I bought used, brass lamps and spray painted them white. I added two new white lamp shades and the tall shape was also the key to 'modernizing' these lamps.

Rugs: I also painted the rugs that Emily had. She had the 2 beige rugs and said they were getting dirty so I was free to paint them. I used some painters tape and varying widths to add on a dark grey stripe with fabric paint.

I used lots of great accessories and white end tables and that Emily already had and moved her dresser to the other side of the room.


The Resource and price list:

Blind - $8.99 - Ikea
6 rolls contact paper - $2.99 x 6 = $17.94 - Canadian Tire
1 quart of melamine paint (colour match to pavilion gray farrow & ball) - $18.97 - Home Depot
Skid - free
Mattress - free
3 blankets - $4.97 x 3 = $14.91 - Zellers
Light fixture - $19.99 - Ikea
4 wheels - $14.99 x 4 = $59.96 - Home Depot
Lamps - $9.99 x 2 = $19.98 - Value Village
Lamp shades - $10.00 x 2 = $20.00 - Ikea
Fabric paint (for rugs) - $23.92 - Michaels
Fabric pen (for pillows) - $2.99 - Michaels
2 pillow covers, white $8.99 x 2 = $17.98 - Ikea
Clock - $4.90 - Ikea (as is)
Spray adhesive - $2.97- Home Depot
Antlers - $9.99 x 2 = $19.98 - Home Sense

GRAND TOTAL: $ 253.48

Home Owners' own: white end tables, artwork, dresser, rugs, all accessories other than clock

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